Rebuilding the Brand as a Radio Co- host

by Sheila O'Mara on March 3, 2010

Last Wednesday was my first broadcast as a co host of TVPG Radio Show, Get More Business.  I am co-hosting with Jason Sanders    , Rich Bradley and Josh Chandler.  We had a great time and I have enjoyed getting to know the guys prior to today.  I think the format will work well for this particular platform and I am looking forward to the shows to come.  This week coming up is going to be fabulous.

TVPG Radio Crew

Our topic last week was built around “rebuilding the brand“.  There are some big brands out there that have suffered tremendous losses in reputation and revenue because of a lack of judgment on their part.  Everyone is trying to get ahead, but it is clear that the more reliable and, dare I say ethical, a brand becomes, the further ahead they will come out. 

We discussed some big names  – Toyota and Tiger Woods – but this “building a brand” works on every level.  It doesn’t matter if you are clearing $1 or a million dollars, the brunt of your success relies on how effectively you maintain your relationships.  If you are willing to work on those relationships and build a trusted relationship with your clients everyone benefits. 

How do I go about doing that?  Well the most simple way is to identify how I feel as a consumer.  How do I want to be treated and then make sure that I make that happen for my clients.  No one wants to be lied to or have quality shortchanged to save a few dollars. If I want to be respected as a business person, I need to respect those that want to do business with me first. NO one enjoys feeling like they are the means to an end.  Anticipating needs first, and not necessarily my bottom line is what will ultimately help me thrive.   

So working hard to meet your target market’s needs, building a solid relationship with them that they can trust and listening to them is what will help you get ahead.  Sure, we all make mistakes, BUT it is how we conduct ourselves after that mistake is made that makes a real difference.  Most business owners will never have the catastrophes like Toyota and Tiger are having to rally from, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t make decisions everyday that could possibly alienate your base.  Does not returning phone calls affect your business?  If it hasn’t yet it probably will.  It is the little things as you are building your brand that make a huge difference.  Attention to detail will set you apart as well.

If you didn’t get a chance to listen live,  take the opportunity to listen to the podcast.  There was some interesting discussion and some great ideas about using social media as a recovery tool and also as a way to build the brand right off the bat.   I am looking forward to seeing where the next show will take us, but rest assured it will be worth the time spent listening in.

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