TVPG Radio Show: Diversification the Speakers With Spark Way

by Sheila O'Mara on April 19, 2010

A few weeks ago on the TVPG, Get More Business, Radio show we discussed specification vs. diversification. 
Points were made in favor of both and you can listen to the podcast for more information.

I have always been a big believer in diversification.  There are so many possibilities out there – why limit yourself to one?  I will be the first one to admit that it is important to do what you do well before you move on to something else.  No one wants to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.  Having said that though, there is so much to be said for expanding into new horizons.

When I first started my staging business almost two and half years ago, I thought in the back of mind that I would one day expand.  Staging is definitely about getting  homes ready for sale, but there are so many other areas of staging that goes on.  What I mean is … homes are only one aspect of staging.  The longer I am in business, the more often I am hired for services well beyond home staging.  I have helped start up businesses get started, helped develop marketing plans for clients, “staged” our youth by teaching study skills and self esteem classes and most recently have signed on as a communications consultant for a local politician.  None of those things are Home staging, yet they all have been funneled through my “staging” business.

As I find myself getting more and more involved in the other aspects of “staging” people’s lives and businesses, I found that I needed to start a different company entirely.  I wanted to maintain the home staging company as what it was intended to be – a home staging company.  I knew that I wanted to continue the home staging, but there were many other areas I wanted to explore.  I was blessed to have met up with a like minded, driven partner who shared my vision of expansion and we decided to start a new business called Speakers With Spark.

Sheila O'Mara and Susan Rider

Sheila O'Mara and Susan Rider - two Speakers With Spark

Speakers With Spark is a divinely inspired endeavor.  My partner Susan Rider and I believe wholeheartedly that we are called “to be the change we want to see in the world”~ Ghandi.  Speakers With Spark is a Speaker Bureau designed to provide quality training and an inspirational voice for our audiences.  We have been blessed to find additional speakers that all carry a message to share with the world.  Our range of topics is diverse and numerous.  We add to the list everyday based on the needs of our clients.  Th sky is the limit and we are continually searching for ways to make it work for our audiences.  

Speakers With Spark is also home to the SPARC program.  SPARC is an acronym for Skills and Practices for Achieving Real Change.  We believe that children are our best resource and we owe it to them to train them to be successful people.  SPARC is a program that focuses on health and nutrition as well as self esteem and study skills.  By giving our youth the tools they need to succeed in school, the pay off will be tremendous.  It is truly amazing to watch a child unravel the puzzle they think they are and blossom before your eyes.  

The SPARC program not only focuses on study skills and learning styles, it also encompasses leadership skills, conflict management, team building, and many more.  Another topic that makes up the program is Abstinence  Education.  It is so important that our youth understand that they choices.  This training not only lays out their choices, but gives them the tools to exert strength and fortitude when they need it most.  

Speakers With Spark is a great example of the benefits of diversification.  I have taken a passion of mine and created a working business model that not only enhances my life, but other peoples’ as well.  I can continue to have a niche market in my Home Staging Company, but have expanded my wings to see what other directions I can fly.  












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