TVPG Radio Show: Is Non-profit status right for you?

by Sheila O'Mara on May 30, 2010

Our radio show on May 5th, featured two awesome professionals that have had extensive experience in the non-profit arena.  As you are starting up your business it is important to explore the different avenues to form your business.  Starting a non-profit certainly is not for everyone, but it is great to be equipped with the particulars of how to start one.

Al Rider, Executive Diresctor of North Central Education Foundation

Al Rider, Our first TVPG Radio Show guest

Our first guest was Al Rider.  Al has spent many years as the executive director of North Central Education Foundation.  The Foundation has its fingers on the pulse of educational opportunities in Kentucky and is responsible for bring Post secondary education to Hardin County.  Al works with a variety of people by coordinating efforts across industry, education and other entities trying to foster economic growth.  Al’s experience with working with a Board of Directors as well as various business start ups, has made him the “go-to” expert in this area for all things non-profit.

If you have any questions about starting a non-profit, it is in your best interest, please listen to the podcast.  All was a wealth of knowledge and discussed the topic in a thoughtful and understandable way.  Thank you Al for your time and expertise!

Our next guest on the show was Melanie Parker Hibbard.  Melanie is the owner of Finesse Marketing and Consulting.  Melanie spends a good portion of her time networking through the non-profit circuit.  Melanie and I met while working for a non-profit fundraiser together.  She discussed many of the avenues that non-profits have available for marketing and spreading knowledge.  It is important for non-profits to have the public understand what their cause is, so sometimes education is exactly what is called for.  Melanie is a true professional regardless of what the objective is and her creativity and willingness to work hard and roll up her sleeves has her in high demand.  Most non-profits in our area are scrambling to get the help of Melanie Parker Hibbard in their corner.

It was Cinco de Mayo during this show, so Melanie and I decided to record the show at a Mexican Restaurant.  The looks that we received from other patrons were hysterical as we sat across from one another, both of us on the phone for an entire hour!  Thanks Melanie for sharing your expertise and fun!

Melaie Parkr Hibbard, Owner of Finesse Larketing and Consultin

Melanie celebrating Cinco de Mayo wth TVPG Radio

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