Speaker With Spark

Sheila O’Mara is often described as a fireball.  Sheila is passionate about “being the change that she wants to see in the world” [Ghandi].  She uses Speakers With Spark as avenue to inspire positive change in others.  Sheila’s passion for life comes through loud and clear as she engages audiences of all ages in the training and speaking arena.

Sheila began Speakers With Spark with Susan Rider, a woman as passionate about engaging audiences and inspiring change as Sheila is.  Speakers With Spark is a Speakers’ Bureau dedicated to providing quality training and motivational speaking around the globe.  Services are not limited to customized training sessions and inspirational speaking, but also provides emcee/facilitators services and coaching.  Speakers With Spark is the home of the SPARC program for adults and youth.  SPARC is an acronym for Skills and Practices for Achieving Real Change.  The program is instrumental in helping people of all ages discover the fire within and provides the tools needed to lead a life that fulfills them.

Sheila is also owner of Staged SO Right, a home staging business.  Getting homes ready for sale is only one of the many services that Staged SO Right provides.  Sheila offers redesign and organization consultations because Sheila believes that one’s physical environment contributes so much to a person’s mindset and ultimate success. Helping others achieve a balanced home and work environment is the most gratifying service that Staged SO Right provides.  Staged SO Right works with small business owners on  staging and organizing office and reception space.  Communications and marketing assistance for small businesses round out the offerings of Staged SO Right.

Sheila recognized early on that “staging” was not limited to one’s physical environment.  All facets of life can be staged for success and Sheila provides tools and coaching to help others achieve more than they thought possible.  A self-proclaimed encouragement specialist, Sheila’s zest for life and positive attitude has helped inspire others to believe they can lead a life filled with passion and success.

Newspaper columnist, TVPG radio show co-host, active blogger, business owner, speaker, trainer, encouragement specialist, home stager, volunteer and mom are the many opportunities that Sheila uses to manifest  her blessings.  It is her desire to speak from the heart and ignite the spark within others.

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